Entry 13: Concerning What I found in London

I took the Camera. I had to. Each bit of information I could provide would assist us. I wasn’t prepared for what I found. I had a special suit, designed to keep the Xarax from entering my mouth, and likewise, stinging me.

There were humans walking around. None of them normal. It was like a horror movie. They weren’t zombies. But they were more insect then human now. Their eyes were black, and they had claws.

I snapped pictures, and they didn’t notice me. At least, I don’t think they did. I walked by them, and they ignored me might be a better word. I held my gun firmly and readily in my hand.

To get to the instillation, it wasn’t that long of a walk. Food was rotting, animals were dead, laying on the streets, it smelled strongly of decaying flesh. There were Xarax drones everywhere. They lined the trees.

I was scared. I have no shame in admitting it. When I entered the instillation, I found several more of these insect men. All of them walking around, looking for something, but not finding it. I went into the main computer room.

“Computer!” I shouted. It turned on, sputtering a little, “I need data on the force-shields.” It beeped, “Access Denied. Voice Print not recognized. Override codes accepted.” I entered the codes that allowed me to have access.

I downloaded the data onto a minidisk, and I put it into my small side satchel. I rushed through the base. Looking for anything that could help, that was abandoned. I came to a door and I stopped.

Professor Xarax.

I reached to open the door, and I heard a screech from beside me. It was raspy. I looked. One of the insect men was there, I shot it in its head, and it fell down. I started running now.

If one was aware, then maybe all of them were aware… When I ran through the room where three or four of them were, they were stiff, ready to fight me. I fired into its head, and then kicked it to the ground, jumping over it to the door.

When I opened the door, all of the inactive Xarax outside had now been on alert. The drones were flying, and the insectoid people were stiff and they stared at me…

I didn’t think running would save me now…